Xazab Coin

Xazab is now using the various proof of work algorithm technology for its POW, they are SHA256D, YESPOWER, SCRYPT, X11 and LYRA2. Xazab started off as a X11 coin but at height 264134, we made more addition to include different proof of work. This is so to encourage more miners to mine XAZAB and to also improve security. One can easily switch over to another algorithm if one of the algorithm is not favorable to the miner.

You do not need to purchase it before using but you can alternatively mine it and sell. Mining Xazab simply means that you can set up a machine called a miner with various algorithm capabilities connected to any Xazab pools or solo if you so chose. Xazab is both CPU and ASIC friendly. As cryptocurrencies usages are becoming acceptable world wide, Xazab seeks to put its usage into the circle with other coin such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero etc. Xazab first two steps in our road maps will simply stays with its parents origin the Dash foundation in terms of Xazab Dapi, the use of names to send and receives Xazab as well as adding other features to its blockchain as well as implementations of more algorithms. Why should we stay for this features? Xazab ideology was born out of the same ideology of dash, which is a standard for our developments in moving forward towards our own systems and algorithm. In our late 2021, Xazab will total focus on technology implementations into our blockchain as well as creating solutions for small, big and sophisticated business. Xazab foundation will employ the services of bigger technology firms to make the adaptations and incorporation of Xazab more easy for various businesses.

Website: https://xazab.xyz
Source Code: https://github.com/xazab/xazab
Explorer1: https://explorer.xazab.xyz/insight
Explorer2: https://ihostmn.com/explorerinfo.php?coin=XAZAB
Pools: https://pool.rplant.xyz/ | https://mycrypto.club | https://www.0769.it | https://pool.xazab.xyz
Xazab Faucets: https://faucet.mecrypto.club/XAZAB
Masternode Hosting: https://ihostmn.com/hostmn_dip.php?coin=XAZAB

Xazabs gives its users a faster means of transferring crypto with the use of x11 algorithm based on dash technology.